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Why clean Computers and Laptops.

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager Importance of cleaning your Laptop and Computer. As reliable as laptop or desktop computers may be, eventually they will get dirty and dusty – two things that can affect not only how your machine runs but also its lifespan. Ensuring your computer is clean and dirt-free as possible […]

Best Way to Prevent Viruses.

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager Best way to Prevent Viruses. The best way to protect yourself against Viruses is by being aware of whats happening on the internet and email. Be careful on what you click, what attachments you’re opening and what you’re downloading, as this can be a Virus or Malware!

Software updates: Why do them?

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager Every other day an new update, Why? Every other day your computer or phone is bugging you about some update that you need to download? Some updates seem huge, with massive interface redesigns and stylistic changes, while others don’t seem to do anything at all. However, the updates […]