Are your backups really working? How to test your backups

When last did you test your backups?

By Jeandre de Beer

BackupsYou have been working on a huge project lately – spent days and days to complete it on time.  You have been doing your backups diligently every week   –   but, how sure are you that your backups actually work?

Maybe you have set-up an automatic scheduled backup to run each week in the background – when last have you made sure that the backups are reliable?

Do you put your full trust in the backup report that says it’s been completed successfully  –  or have you actually restored your data lately to make sure all is well?

If you have not done this – how well do you sleep?


How to test your backups


Verification of backups is extremely important – do whatever it takes to make sure that all your precious data is backed up and can be restored successfully.  The easiest way to do this is to Read more

Four things you can do to secure your computer system

How Secure is your Computer System?

By Jeandre de Beer

Computer Security


Protecting your computer has become more and more important these days.

It seems that hackers and scammers are around every corner. Most companies have basic security measures like anti virus software.

This goes a long way to protect users – but some security risks can only be minimized by the user themselves.

Four things you can do to protect your system


1. Passwords

It’s a difficult task to remember the passwords that we use on a multitude of websites each day.

Many users choose a single password to use across all sites. Many people prefer to use a simple password – ie birth date / kids or spouse name etc.

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Why Remote Computer Support is Essential for Businesses Today?

Have you ever thought of or used Remote Computer Support?

By Jeandre de Beer

Remote Computer Support

What do you do when you need IT Support?

Most of us usually phone our IT Support Company and request that the technician visits our office to assist in solving the problem.

This is the traditional way of doing things – but have you ever thought about making use of remote support?


What is remote support?

Remote Support makes it possible for a qualified technician to log in to your computer remotely over the internet. The technician can do the same work remotely that he can do when sitting in front of your computer.


What are the advantages of remote computer support?

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How to make Computer Backups

How to make Computer Backups

 By Jeandre de Beer

Backups not done


Have you failed at Computer backups? 

Backups are one of the most important tasks that  is neglected the easiest.

Backups are never high up on our to do list – until the dreaded day comes that your hard drive packs up or your computer is stolen.

Don’t make the mistake to wait until such a disaster happens.



Four simple points to keep in mind regarding backups

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