Five Easy Things You can do to Reduce Your IT Support Calls

Is it possible to reduce the amount of IT Support calls?

By Jeandre de Beer

Reduce IT Support

The short answer is, yes you can.


Companies can invest in basic end user training which could save them money in the long run.


There are a few basic steps to keep in mind to solve a few common problems :

1. A Reboot is your friend

It’s strange to see that a user’s computer works perfectly on the Friday afternoon and when he gets to work on the Monday morning they cannot print or get onto the internet – yet nothing changed over the weekend. In many cases a reboot is your friend.

There are not always a logical answer or reason for this, but in many cases a simple reboot can solve the problem.

2. Take a break first

Computer problems can cause huge frustrations.

We have all been there – we have deadlines and at the most critical point our computer stops working.

We sometimes feel like hitting the keyboard or throwing the monitor off the table. It is best to step away for a few minutes before troubleshooting or phoning your IT Support person.

If you get hold of your IT Support person in that state of mind it is usually difficult to get the problem fixed telephonically – since your blood pressure is still through the roof.

3. Speeding up your computer

My Computer gets slower each day.  It seems like your computer gets slower and slower each day you work on it.

The main reason for this can be the amount of programs that are open at that stage.  We all multitask, we have our email client / accounting package / internet browser / word processor / spread sheet etc open at the same time to enable us to quickly switch between them as needed.

All of these programs are taking up valuable resources – even if they are just dormant in the background. If your computer gets slow – try to close those programs running in the background.

If this improves your speed it’s a clear sign that you need more RAM in your machine to handle the open programs.

4. Call IT Support when you see Error Messages:

We all see error messages from time to time. If you are in doubt about what to do when these messages are popping up – rather don’t do anything. Its best in such a case to phone your IT Support person to get advice.

Taking the wrong action can cause additional problems down the line.

5. Replace computer in time

Lifespan of a Computer.  Computers do not have an infinite lifespan. Many times we hear a user say – but my computer is only 5 years old – it cannot be time for a replacement yet.

Depending on what the computer is used for – it’s a good idea to budget to replace a computer at least once every three years.

Computers have moving parts that wear out and the regular power dips and spikes we encounter shortens the life expectancy.

Also keep in mind that software gets updated on a regular basis – and most of the time the updates require more resources – and that means you will need a faster computer to enable you to do your work effectively.


Please let us know if these five things were useful to you, comment below.

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