Backup your files free with Google Backup & Sync



Google's Backup and Sync tool has been available for a while now and can make backing up a file, folder or even a system very easy.

It comes in the form of a easy to download app that works on Windows and Apples alike.

This can be downloaded from the Google website.

Link to download





Here's how to set it up:

1) Download the Backup and Sync tool.

Getting the tool for Drive is super easy. Download the program from the Drive homepage, or the link provided above.
After download completes run the downloaded file it will install the tool automatically.





2) Sign into the Google account you want to use for your file and photo storage.

If it does not open by itself you can manually start it from the start menu.
log into your preferred Gmail/Google account inside to the backup and sync app.



3) Pick the folders you want to backup.

You can add more folders to the default ones or remove to suit your backup needs. By default Google allows up to 15 GB to be backed up and has a unlimited photos feature that limits photo size (the app will auto resize upon backup if selected).



4) Choose to select the option "Sync My Drive to this computer." or not.

This option enables the normal Google drive functionality and does not affect the backup at all. it just downloads a copy of your Google drive to your pc. It is a handy way of moving files to and from your mobile devices. however should you have a large amount of data on your Google drive you might want to select the folders it actually downloads with the "Sync only these folders" option.



5) You should see a taskbar icon for Drive, which will automatically backup your files.


This icon will also allow you to make changes to the configuration later should you want or need to.





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