How do I protect my eyes when using my computer?

How do I protect my eyes when using my computer?

By Jeandre de Beer updated by Emile Greyling

When using our computers for an extended period of time – our eyes can become sensitive and irritated.

What can you do to minimize these negative effects?

1. Clean your monitor on a regular basis.

Monitors can become dirty from dust and finger prints. Make sure the monitor is clean to reduce strain on your eyes – especially when reading text.

2. What is the ideal distance between your monitor and your eyes?

Though the size of the monitor does impact this… The best overall for proper viewing and reduction in eye strain is between 50cm and 75cm.

3. Avoid using font sizes that are too small.
Choose a font and size or zoom level that is comfortable to read without you needing to strain your eyes to focus.

4. What is the ideal height to place the monitor?
Adjust it so that the top of the monitor is just below your eye level so that you are looking down slightly.

5. Make sure you have adequate lighting in the room.
Ideally the monitor should not be allot brighter than the room as having multiple brightness levels for your eyes to adjust to constantly can increase strain.

6. Make use of an LED monitor.
LED monitors are much kinder on our eyes  as they reduce the flickering of the backlight. Higher refresh rate monitors are also being reported as softer on the eyes by many users.

7. Take regular breaks.
Do not stare at your monitor for hours. Try to take a 5 minute break for every hour that you work on your computer.

8. Fit for purpose.

There are business grade monitors specializing in eye care and flicker free processing. These are not much more expensive than a standard monitor, So if all else fails this might be the answer.

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