Need faster internet? What are your options?

Choosing an Internet Connection South Africa

What are your options?

In our corner of the world we have 3 main varieties of internet that are commonly used at homes or in a businesses. There are more but should only be considered if none of the options bellow are available to you.

Those options are.

  1. Fibre (The fastest and most stable but not widely available yet)
  2. Fixed Broadband wireless (The competitor its fast and flexible and more readily available)
  3. ADSL/VDSL (Not that fast by today’s standard but still valuable if you’re out of coverage)


This Connection is the fastest and most reliable connection. Currently these can do 300 Mbps up and down

This is the connection type everyone should have if it’s available, The availability is low, luckily its growing fast.

Fixed Broadband Wireless.

It is not as fast as Fiber, though it’s still very fast, topping out at 60 Mbps down 30 Mbps up. It’s readily available in major centers and even some outlying areas and growing rapidly.

This connection is also portable, As long as the destination has signal it can be moved easily or even go with you on holiday.

There’s no wait time for lines and even no contracts if you choose. It can be up and running within a day or 2.


It is the slowest and oldest, however it’s cost effective and very near to everywhere you can get a Telkom line.

In general 4 Mbps down and 0.7 Mbps up is what is to be expected with some lucky people having

10 Mbps even 20 Mbps variants available.

There is though the hassle of getting a Telkom line. However we can assist with speeding up the rest of the process the moment the line is installed.


A more modern variant of DSL it’s faster up to 40 Mbps download with up to 5 Mbps upload

However it’s nearly as rare as fiber. 

IT Experts are specialists in this field.

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