When you need computer support, time is of the essence.

You shouldn’t have to sit around waiting for an e-mail reply or be put on hold for a “customer service representative”.

We guarantee fast and effective technical support.

IT Experts Guarantee!!

If we don’t get back to you within our guaranteed period, you get a free lunch.

Who said there isn’t a free lunch?


Remote Network Support

  • With our Remote Network Support we can login into your system no matter where you are and what time it is and fix your system.
  • Save time and money by accessing our remote support.


Project Management

  • Free upgrade evaluation with diagnostic service
  • Custom-tailored systems for home or business users



  • Home, office, or business networking – wiring, workstations, servers,
    etc. Affordable wireless networking – increased mobility and productivity
  • Network consultation, installation, and maintenance


Server Maintenance & Support

  • Emergency and rush service (in-house and on-site)
  • Software and hardware diagnostic services
  • Cost effective on-site service maintenance contracts
  • Timely appointments for on-site service


Computer Sales and Repairs

  • Repair or upgrade all PCs
  • All work is performed by qualified and experienced technicians
  • Repair and replacement of faulty components
  • Laptop upgrade: Hard Drives and Memory
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Cost effective upgrades for older and obsolete systems
  • Special ordering of any type of part or accessory
  • Manufacturer warranty exchange service


Desktop Support

  • Constant commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Friendly, helpful, and informative representatives


Software Sales

  • Competitive prices and commitment to quality products
  • Versatile packages tailor made for your business or home pc requirements.