IT Support – To Outsource or Not? 5 Things to Consider Before You Decide.

IT Support – To Outsource or Not?  5 Things to Consider Before You Decide.

by Jeandre de Beer

IT Support – To Outsource or Not?These days, almost every business in the world relies on Information Technology – in fact it can be the very backbone of your company.

So you need to ensure it works to its fullest efficiency and capacity, and supports the health and growth of your business.

The question is: Who do you trust to maintain your IT systems, and to avoid glitches and shutdowns that could have significant effects on your bottom line?

Is it best to employ IT support staff in-house, or outsource to a specialist IT support company?

Here are 5 things you need to consider before making this important decision:


 1. You Want Highly Competent and Well-Trained People


This really goes without saying, but how often do employers hire IT professionals without really knowing if they are suitable for the job? If your core business is not IT, chances are you and your managers are not IT experts.

The person you hire may have specialist knowledge in one particular area, but fall down in others.

When you outsource your IT staff, you can be sure the expert sent to the job is the right person for it. Where would you find the top IT experts?

That’s right – working for an IT company! Outsourcing ensures you get the best trained and most experienced IT professionals to work on your business.


2. It Should be Cost-Effective

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