Must I upgrade to Windows 8?

Must I upgrade to Windows 8?  6 Points to consider

By Jeandre de Beer

win 8

Windows 8 has been released for a while now and many people wonder if it is worth it to upgrade their operating system to Windows 8.

As with any new operating system there are some who love it and some who cannot stand it.

Windows 8 is a rapid change from previous operating systems. Some of the most popular and familiar user interfaces have been changed.

One of the biggest changes are the removal of the start button.

Most of us made extensive use of the start button in previous Windows versions. In Windows 8 it’s missing – and if you hit the windows button on your keyboard it takes you to a screen full of tiles with various confusing options.

Should I upgrade to Windows 8? Here are 6 points to consider


1.  Hardware Requirements


Make sure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements to install Windows 8.

The easiest way to check is to run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistance utility available for download from Microsoft’s website.

The minimum requirements that this utility checks for are indeed a minimum.

In practice, you need a faster CPU, more RAM, a larger hard drive and a more powerful graphics card to help make the Windows 8 experience something better than just good enough.


2.  Do not upgrade to Windows 8 if you do not like Windows 7


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