Ransomware’s latest new threats: CryptoWall & Chimera

Ransomware's latest new threats: CryptoWall & Chimera

By Jeandre de Beer  /  Pc World

Ransom-ware's latest new threatsRansomware thieves have come up with creative new schemes.


Current ransomware typically encrypts victims’ data and then threatens to delete the key if payment is not made. The latest variant of the CryptoWall malware, however, now scrambles the file-names on infected computers, making it even more difficult for victims to recover without buying the key from the attackers.


Potentially worse, another ransomware operation, known as Chimera, has threatened to publish the data of any non-cooperative victim—whether business or consumer—to the Internet.


The operation, which currently aims at German targets, demands the payment of almost 2.5 bitcoins, or more than US $800, according to German cyber-security site Botfrei, which reported the initial attack.


To frighten the user even more, the message indicates the threat to publish personal data and pictures somewhere on the internet – if user doesn’t pay the bribe

– Botfrei’s analysis of the attack.


An empty threat that may still signal a trend

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What is Ransomware? How can you protect yourself?

What is Ransomware? How can you protect yourself?

By Jeandre de Beer



Ransomware is a type of malware that tries to extort money from you. Malware gets installed on your pc that prevents you from working by displaying a message that pops up or by encrypting all the files on your computer. 

They then require your credit card details to unlock your pc or to decrypt your files.

Its not the case anymore of some young teenager creating malware just for fun – much of the malware is now created for profit and it is becoming much more sophisticated.


How does it work?


There are many diffirent types of ransomware, but they all have one thing in common – they want you to make a payment before they give you control back of your pc and files.

If you get infected you will most probably see messages like these : “Your computer is infected, purchase this product to fix the infection” or “Your computer has been used to download illegal files, pay a fine to continue using your computer.”

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