Best Way to Prevent Viruses.

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager

Best way to Prevent Viruses.

The best way to protect yourself against Viruses is by being aware of whats happening on the internet and email. Be careful on what you click, what attachments you’re opening and what you’re downloading, as this can be a Virus or Malware!

Browsing with caution.

Browsing with caution is always the right way to go, if you think a website or email looks Dangerous or out-of-place with a lot of popups, maybe skip it or delete it. Phishing can take many forms: a Nigerian prince asking for money is obviously a ploy – but “Well’s Fargo” sending you an email saying you need to verify your information in the next 24 hours or they’ll close your account isn’t quite as obvious. When in doubt, look for ways to verify if the email is legitimate, such as a phone number or contact information at the bottom of the email and verify that it matches with Wells Fargo’s actual number.

Double check the web address.

Take a quick look at a website’s domain to make sure you’re on the correct site before you submit personal information or download anything. If you’re going to download Microsoft Office, make sure you’re on, not It’s a small detail, but that’s exactly how people get malicious software.

Don’t click on ads.

When Browsing the internet you should always be careful not to click on ads as they can install harmful malware without you even knowing, it is always best practice to have a proper Antivirus and Anti Malware software installed on your computer.

Antivirus and Malware Protection.

Make sure to have a proper bought Antivirus Software on your computer, a paid for Antivirus is constantly updated on a daily basis and scans your computer daily to make sure your data stays safe.

Also having Malware protection on your computer is highly recommended as malware is all over the internet and can infect your computer with just one wrong click.

Malware scans should be run at least once a week or once a month to make sure you have not been infected with malicious software.

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