Why clean Computers and Laptops.

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager

Importance of cleaning your Laptop and Computer.

As reliable as laptop or desktop computers may be, eventually they will get dirty and dusty – two things that can affect not only how your machine runs but also its lifespan. Ensuring your computer is clean and dirt-free as possible is something any owner can accomplish. Here are some tips on how to physically clean your computer.

General Cleaning.

Cleaning your computer or laptop will generally consist of two parts: cleaning the outside and cleaning the inside. While this does not imply that you’ll be taking your machine apart piece by piece to clean the inside, you should be cleaning or “dusting” the inside of the machine. The best way to get your computer clean and get rid of all the dust is with compressed air. Compressed can really get the job done quickly and easily.

How Often Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned.

The frequency in which your computer needs to be cleaned can be anywhere from once a month to once a year. The following three factors can determine how often they should be cleaned.

Where is the computer located?

If the computer or laptop is kept in a home, school or clean office environment, for instance, it may only need to be cleaned every nine or ten months. On the other hand, computers located in a dusty warehouse may require a monthly cleaning.

In what type of environment is the computer located?

A computer’s surroundings play as much a part in determining how often it needs cleaning as its location. As surprising as this may be, a computer that’s kept on a desk won’t get dirty or dusty as quickly as one that’s kept on the floor. Things contributing to dirty computers include dogs, cats and smoking near the computer.

Who is using the computer?

Children younger than ten are typically considered as the highest risk in terms of getting a computer dirty with teenagers next in order, Adults on the other hand are usually more careful around their computers or laptops keeping them clean.

General Cleaning Tips.

Below are some tips and “dos” and “don’ts” for cleaning your computer and Laptop

1. Do not vacuum inside the computer. a vacuum cleaner could initiate static electricity which can harm the computer.
2. Make sure to disconnect cables and wires from the back of the computer before cleaning.
3. Use a Micro Fiber cloth to wipe dust from Computers and Laptops
4. While cleaning or dusting the fans, be sure to hold the fans to keep the blades from Spinning when using compressed air to clean the fans.
5. Avoid eating or drinking near Computers and Laptops

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