Can I edit a PDF file?

Is it possible to edit a PDF file? How easy is it to convert files to PDF format?

By Jeandre de Beer

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Some people like PDF files and others are not a fan, but at some point or another we all get a PDF file emailed to us. 

It’s easy to open a PDF file – since there are many free programs available to download. The most popular one is Acrobat Reader.


The problem comes when you want to edit a PDF file that you received.  The standard programs that you use to open PDF files usually does not allow you to convert them to a format that can be edited.

Is there any easy way to edit a PDF document?


You open your email client and receive an application form that needs to be completed and sent back. The problem is  you cannot edit it.

Sure, you can always print the PDF and fill it in by hand, but doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of an electronic document? Is there another way to do this?

The solution is to use a PDF reader that allows you to edit the file –  even when the PDF itself does not. I recommend Foxit Reader which, among other things, lets you add text to any PDF file. Once you open the PDF document you have a Typewriter tool which allows you to enter text anywhere you need to.

It even allows you to sign the document and email it. The best of all – its free.

But what if you want to convert the complete PDF document to Word?


Sometimes you want to do more than just add text or a signature to a PDF document – is that possible?  Yes – but you will need to either purchase a program that can do this – or you will need to try out a few freeware utilities. In this case – you usually get what you pay for.

One freeware utility that you can use is called  First PDF  that aims to make converting from PDF to other formats an easy task. Apart from Word document conversion, it can also convert to plain text. Freeware utilities are not always user friendly.

Some good paid for software to use is Nitro PDF which is user friendly and that converts PDF to Word accurately.


How easy is it to convert files to PDF format?


Sometimes you may want to convert a Word or Excel document to PDF before you email it  – making it more secure and not so easily editable. There are various programs available to assist with this. Foxit Reader is one of the best freeware ones available.

You can convert a document to PDF by simply selecting the PDF printer in any application or by making use of the additional PDF toolbars in Word or Excel.


Do you need help downloading or installing this software?

Contact us  –  We can assist you remotely – no matter where in the world you are.





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