How do I protect my computer from Viruses?

How do I protect my computer from Viruses?

By Jeandre de Beer


Viruses are common place today – and each day new viruses are released. Most of the times they make our computers slow and displays annoying pop up ads, but sometimes they can destroy data.

It is best to make sure that we are adequately protected against infection.



Here are four steps to keep in mind :


1.    Install an Anti-Virus Software

This is the first step in your protection against viruses.  There are many programs that you can make use of – depending if you are a business or home user.

Some good free alternatives to use at home is AVG, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. For business users it gets more complicated and a corporate anti-virus program is recommended.


2.    Keep it Updated

It’s no use to install an anti-virus program – and then never update it. Viruses are being released on a daily basis – make sure that you update your protection database at least once a week.


3.    Run regular scans

It’s important to run weekly scans of all your files to ensure they are virus free. The easiest way to do this is to schedule a full scan after hours. This way the scan gets done automatically and it does not slow down your pc during working hours.


4.    Keep Windows up to date

Microsoft releases security patches and updates on a regular basis. Make sure to update your windows with the latest patches at least once a month to improve your protection.


There are no “best” anti-virus program.  The measurement of which program gives better protection changes over time. Each program can miss something that another catches. The best option is to use a well known and respected program and keep it updated.


Do you have virus problems?

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