I have an Anti-Virus program – Why do I still get infected then?

I have an Anti-Virus program – Why do I still get infected then?

By Jeandre de Beer

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Many times a client asks us this question : I have an Anti-Virus program installed and I keep it updated on a regular basis. I update my Windows with the latest security patches, but I still seem to get virus infections from time to time – WHY?

This is a very good question, since so many believe that having an anti-virus program installed protects them fully from getting infected – sadly it doesn’t.

Staying protected is not easy.


In simple terms there are three components when it comes to virus infections :


1. Virus Writers

Firstly we have the virus writers that are constantly looking for vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them as soon as possible.

2. Anti Virus Software Vendors

Secondly we have the anti-virus software vendors that are looking for ways to protect your computer from these new viruses released daily.


3. People like us …

Thirdly there are people like us – trying our best to keep our computers safe from viruses.


Virus writers are unfortunately always in the lead – and you and I are always in last place. So it’s possible to have bad luck and still get infected even though we try our best to stay safe.

A new virus can be released – and while we wait for our anti-virus vendor to update their software to give protection against this new threat – we can get infected.

We are ultimately responsible to keep our computers safe while we are on the internet.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind :


1. Do not visit websites that are questionable.

2. Do not open any email attachments from unknown people.

3. Do not download or install pirated software – many times these “free” software are infected by viruses or malware.


If you have been infected by a virus or malware 

give us a call – we can login remotely and assist you to get rid of these infections.

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