What is a Virtual Desktop?

It’s a computer located in the cloud that is available from anywhere you have an internet connection.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktops have several advantages over using a normal desktop.

Firstly with a virtual desktop your data is available from anywhere.

Your employees can work from home, while on vacation or while travelling – having all of their files and programs available and seeing the exact same desktop no matter where they log in from.

They can use their current laptop or desktop or use a computer at an internet café or their friend’s computer – they will always be able to access their files and data as they would when they were sitting in the office – they will notice no difference at all.

Secondly virtual desktops can save you costs.

It can be used instead of purchasing new computers to replace ageing ones. A virtual desktop can run the latest software from the oldest computer you have – fast. Your old laptop or desktop is only used to connect to your computer in the cloud – so it does not use the resources of your slow computer.

With virtual desktops you also have the advantage of not purchasing windows or office or anti-virus license – everything is included in the cost-effective monthly price.

We can also integrate weekly backups of your data – leaving you with one less thing to stress about.

Lets say your laptop gets stolen.

Its not just the hassle of trying to claim it from the insurance that causes a headache for you – but what about your data?

Is the data on your laptop secure or will the thief be able to access your confidential files? Did you make a recent backup of your data? Do you have copies of all the programs that you will need to reinstall on your new laptop?

With our virtual desktops you don’t have to worry about this.

Your stolen laptop will not have any data saved locally – so there is no way for them to access your files and folders. You don’t have to stress about finding all the programs to reinstall and setup everything again.

In a matter of minutes you can login from any other pc you can find and all your programs, files, folders etc will be exactly the same than before your laptop was stolen.

Do you have multiple offices?

A virtual desktop allows you to easily connect these employees without costly capital expenditure.


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