Why Remote Computer Support is Essential for Businesses Today?

Have you ever thought of or used Remote Computer Support?

By Jeandre de Beer

Remote Computer Support

What do you do when you need IT Support?

Most of us usually phone our IT Support Company and request that the technician visits our office to assist in solving the problem.

This is the traditional way of doing things – but have you ever thought about making use of remote support?


What is remote support?

Remote Support makes it possible for a qualified technician to log in to your computer remotely over the internet. The technician can do the same work remotely that he can do when sitting in front of your computer.


What are the advantages of remote computer support?

1. Less down time and faster service:

No more waiting for a technician to get into his car, getting stuck in traffic and wasting time to solve your problem.

With remote support it’s possible for a technician to login to your computer within minutes and immediately start solving your technical issue.

What does all the down time cost you as a business?


2.  Cost saving:

The costs that the technician saves in travelling time and fuel is passed on to the customer.

You only pay for the labour – not for a call-out fee or travelling time.


3.  Easier to get support after hours:

Sometimes we are busy with important tasks after hours or over weekends. With remote support it is possible for a technician to login to your computer and help you solve your problems much easier – even when the technician is away for the weekend.

All that is needed is an internet connection – then your technician can assist you from anywhere in the world.


4.  Security / Confidentiality:

You can close the remote support application on their computer after the problem is solved – this means a high degree of security – since the technician can only login when the client opens the remote support application and gives the technician his random password.

The application can be set-up to generate a new random password each time the program is opened – giving the client peace of mind and maximum security.



Have you ever had to wait hours for a technician to arrive to fix you problem?

What are your main IT support complaints? Give us your comments below


Remote Support that makes the difference

We can help get your IT system running smoothly

  • Guaranteed support times
  • Increasing your IT up time
  • Securing your system when it counts


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