We offer clients a unique product that is cost-effective and reliable.

It’s the norm to pay for each call that you make. This can become costly and time-consuming trying to determine which calls was business-related and which ones were private.

We offer clients an easy to understand fixed call cost per month – no matter how many calls you make.

The fixed cost of R550 per line includes calls made to landlines and mobile phones in South Africa.

How will you benefit if you make use of our VoIP service?

You can now budget for telephone expenses each month – you will never again get an unexpectedly huge bill at month-end.

It’s a great cost saver – knowing that you can phone as many clients as needed and only pay a fixed cost – you won’t get billed per minute anymore.

There are many VoIP service providers out there – but many of them don’t offer you great call quality. We have invested in high-end servers and fast internet connections to ensure that you will not experience these issues with us.

We cater for all business sizes

– from the home user that maybe only needs one line to a full business solution including a digital PABX and switchboard solution.

Have you thought about the advantages of recording all incoming and outgoing calls? Our PABX includes this functionality at no additional cost per month.

If you already have a VoIP system there is a good chance that you can switch over to our service without purchasing additional hardware. If you currently still use analogue phones we can supply you with all the needed hardware as a once-off purchase or as a monthly rental.

Please contact us for a free demonstration. Our VoIP service is available nationally.


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