Four things you can do to secure your computer system

How Secure is your Computer System?

By Jeandre de Beer

Computer Security


Protecting your computer has become more and more important these days.

It seems that hackers and scammers are around every corner. Most companies have basic security measures like anti virus software.

This goes a long way to protect users – but some security risks can only be minimized by the user themselves.

Four things you can do to protect your system


1. Passwords

It’s a difficult task to remember the passwords that we use on a multitude of websites each day.

Many users choose a single password to use across all sites. Many people prefer to use a simple password – ie birth date / kids or spouse name etc.

These passwords are easy to crack. It is much better to use a strong password that includes alpha numerical characters – including upper and lower case characters.

Also try to user different passwords for your most important sites like banking websites.

Change your passwords for these sites frequently – preferably monthly.


2. Anti Virus / Malware

It is not good enough to have anti virus / anti malware software installed – they need to be used on a regular basis.

Schedule weekly scans and updates.  Most users prefer to let the scans run after hours so that they do not affect your computers performance during working hours.


3. Running Windows Security Updates

It’s a good idea to update your windows software at least once a month.

You can select only the critical security updates to ensure that any security loopholes that became known is corrected.


4. Wifi Security

Most of us are using a Wifi network at home and at the office. This is very convenient – but it could become a security risk as well.

Make sure you choose a strong password for your Wifi Access Point to prevent unauthorised users to connect to your local network.


Have you ever had a virus take over your PC?

What are your main security problems? Give us your comments below


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