How to disable browser tracking cookies.

By Karrar Haider/Emile Greyling


Previously we covered what cookies are. but today we cover how to be rid of them if you want them gone



Many websites ask for your location to offer better services or request to show desktop notifications to keep you updated. These prompts will stop you from navigating the website and won’t go away until you hit the “Allow” or “Deny” button. If you are tired of seeing these prompts, you can easily disable them in your browser.


In this blog, will be shown how to disable location tracking and desktop notifications in Chrome & Firefox.


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Why do so many support people tell me to reboot my computer when I have a problem?

By Jeandre de Beer/Emile Greyling


It can seem like every time you contact your IT Support person with a problem – they recommend rebooting your computer or switching it off for a minute and booting up again. This could seem like a time waster – or as a generic reply just because the IT person does not really know what the problem is. Most of the time this is not the case – a good old reboot works surprisingly well.



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How to Quick-Switch Between Tasks in Windows

By Emile Greyling Adapted from Ashutosh KS.


One of the most frequently done actions while working on a computer is switching between apps or tasks. There are numerous options to switch tasks in Windows here are the most useful ones to boost your productivity with no learning curve.


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3 Tips & Tricks to Speed up Windows

Emile Greyling


Do you find your computer slow or unresponsive at times? Windows, with every new release, provides new features and updates that demand more system resources.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help minimize unnecessary resource usage giving a speed boost to your PC.


Bellow: 3 step by step guides anyone can do.


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Reasons why desktop computers are better than laptops for your business

Aaron Smith\Emile Greyling


The way we interact with computers is evolving constantly, and if you’re a small business owner, there’s a tendency to just go with the flow while deciding whether your employees should use a laptop or desktop computer at work.

While laptops remain a popular computing solution for many, especially companies with team members who are in the field a lot, the reality is that desktop computers offer numerous advantages over laptops, for professional applications. Whether your business trades in words, numbers, images, or some combination of the three, the power, durability, and flexibility that desktops provide make them the best choices to deliver the specs your day to day operations demand.



Not convinced? Consider these six reasons why desktops are the superior alternative to laptops for your business computer needs.

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Tania Longeau\Emile Greyling


Three-dimensional printing is an innovative 21st-century technology that streamlines your business. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology helps your business use fewer employees, less equipment, and fewer resources.


How can this help your business?

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7 Quick Ways You Can Improve Your IT Security

Robert Best\Emile Greyling


20% businesses reported a cyber attack or data breach in the past 12 months. That is according to the latest version of the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

The study suggests that the level of cyber attacks has increased because of the effects of Covid-19. Businesses are finding it harder to implement and manage IT security as employees are working from home.


How can your business improve its IT security?

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What to Do When Your USB Ports Aren’t Working

By Marco Horn /  Jeremy Laukkonen

When your USB ports suddenly stops working, the problem can always be tracked down to either a hardware or software failure. Some of these problems are the same across both Windows and Mac, while others are unique to just one or the other.

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Transfer Files to iPad

How to Copy and Transfer Files to your iPad

How to Copy and Transfer Files to iPad

Transfer Files to iPad


Do you love using your iPAD but still find the process of transferring files to the iPad quite unintuitive? Two reasons, Apple is quite particular about the file formats and they don’t have an official tool for converting your files to iPad format.


Cloud Drive is a great way to get content onto your iPad, but it’s a tool many users are unaware of.


In this article, we’ll show you a couple of different ways you can get data from a computer onto your iPad. If you have to transfer a very large file, like a movie, you should use the iTunes direct connection method. The iCloud Drive method is best for smaller files like documents and pictures.


Transfer Files to iPad

iTunes Direct Transfer



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What to buy, a Mac or PC?

macCan’t decide if you should buy a Mac or PC? It’s a tough decision because both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. It really also depends a lot on external factors like what other devices you own and what kind of software you use.

For example, if you own an Xbox One, a Windows Phone, a Surface tablet and all the other computers in your home are Windows PCs, then it might be more convenient to stick with a PC.

On the other hand, if you own an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple TV, and an AirPrint enabled printer, then a Mac would fit in really well with those other devices.

Mac Pros and PC (Windows) Cons

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