What can you do with your old Computer?

What can you do with your old Computer?

By Jeandre de Beer updated by Emile Greyling

IT equipment has a limited life, but that does not mean that it can’t still be used by someone else.

So what can be done with your IT assets once it has reached the end of its life for your organization?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Recycle:

If the equipment is obsolete and cannot be used by anyone else – the best option is to recycle.

There are companies that specializes in this – they collect your old equipment and dismantle them to be recycled and used again. This is a much better option than just throwing it on the landfills.

2. Donate:

Your old computers can still work fine for a charity or school.  Team up with a local school or charity and do a good deed by saving them money.

By doing this you are not just saving the environment, but you are also getting a good reputation in the community

3. Training:

Your older equipment might still be used down the line for training purposes or for junior staff members that do not need a high performance machine.

4. Spare Parts:

Some parts in your old equipment can be used as spare parts if your other computer breaks down.

5. Sell:

Another option is to sell older equipment to people who could still use it. In many instances your staff members could be interested in purchasing your old computers to be used at their house.

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