3 Tips & Tricks to Speed up Windows

Emile Greyling


Do you find your computer slow or unresponsive at times? Windows, with every new release, provides new features and updates that demand more system resources.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help minimize unnecessary resource usage giving a speed boost to your PC.


Bellow: 3 step by step guides anyone can do.


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Reasons why desktop computers are better than laptops for your business

Aaron Smith\Emile Greyling


The way we interact with computers is evolving constantly, and if you’re a small business owner, there’s a tendency to just go with the flow while deciding whether your employees should use a laptop or desktop computer at work.

While laptops remain a popular computing solution for many, especially companies with team members who are in the field a lot, the reality is that desktop computers offer numerous advantages over laptops, for professional applications. Whether your business trades in words, numbers, images, or some combination of the three, the power, durability, and flexibility that desktops provide make them the best choices to deliver the specs your day to day operations demand.



Not convinced? Consider these six reasons why desktops are the superior alternative to laptops for your business computer needs.

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Tania Longeau\Emile Greyling


Three-dimensional printing is an innovative 21st-century technology that streamlines your business. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology helps your business use fewer employees, less equipment, and fewer resources.


How can this help your business?

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7 Quick Ways You Can Improve Your IT Security

Robert Best\Emile Greyling


20% businesses reported a cyber attack or data breach in the past 12 months. That is according to the latest version of the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

The study suggests that the level of cyber attacks has increased because of the effects of Covid-19. Businesses are finding it harder to implement and manage IT security as employees are working from home.


How can your business improve its IT security?

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How to add a checkbox to word?

Emile Greyling


Ever needed to insert a working checkbox into a Word document?

Here is a easy way to do that. 


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Is Your Website Browsing Really Private?

NECL /  Updated by Emile Greyling


Is Your Website Browsing Really Private?

Sometimes it’s useful to surf the internet safe in the knowledge that your browsing information will be kept secret. This is basically private web browsing in a nutshell. Other users of your device won’t see your history.

When it comes to private browsing however there are a few misconceptions and common myths. These are important things to know if you want to feel safe surfing in whatever browser you prefer.

Let’s take a look at each of them before discussing exactly how you can use this feature in each of the web’s most commonly used browsers. Doing so can help keep you safer.


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What was my password again?

Windows Resource Center /  Updated by Emile Greyling


What if every step of your day demanded you add another key to your keychain?

Opening up a bank account? Add a key. Go to the library? Add a key. Find a new, cool, secret bar? Add a key. Meet someone new? Yup, you guessed it: Add a key for that too.

Your pockets get heavier and heavier. And when you show up to that new bar on a first date, you’re fumbling through dozens of keys. Frustrating, we know.

But, spoiler alert, you’re already doing that. Your digital keychain gets larger every day as you get more profiles, logins, and passwords. The average person already has 21 and by the time you read this, you’ll probably have more. With that comes frustration, forgetfulness, and password fatigue.

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Easily screenshot what’s on your PC’s Screen

Emile Greyling

How To Take Screenshots On PC.

There are a couple of ways of taking screenshots on Windows depending on your preferences. Each differs when it comes to capturing the entire screen or a some part thereof.

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Browser cookie popups, What are they?

Microsoft / Emile Greyling


Hello there! Welcome to the bakery. So, you like chocolate chip cookies. Would you like to try raisin? Macadamia? Have you considered the cake? Are you interested in purchasing baking pans? Muffin tins? Baking sheets made from the finest German silicone? What was the last store you visited? The last thing you bought? What’s your credit score?

Would you answer all these questions from a baker, just for a few cookies? We didn’t think so. Then why is it that we have no problem doing it for web cookies?

To be sure, web cookies aren’t necessarily a bad thing, probably not even the worst kind of cookie (looking at you, oatmeal raisin). But how do you let the right cookies in? How do you know which are safe? Are they even necessary? Well, read below to see how we broke cookies down into their main ingredients so you can make the best call.

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Why clean Computers and Laptops.

By Scott D / Ryno De Jager

Importance of cleaning your Laptop and Computer.

As reliable as laptop or desktop computers may be, eventually they will get dirty and dusty – two things that can affect not only how your machine runs but also its lifespan. Ensuring your computer is clean and dirt-free as possible is something any owner can accomplish. Here are some tips on how to physically clean your computer.

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